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Hari Merah and Tanggal Merah

File:Ano-Novo 2010 na Lagoa Paulino, Sete Lagoas MG.jpg

New year | tahun baru, one of the festive holidays.
Karya: Prefeitura de Sete Lagoas. Sumber: Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday, I asked one of my students if today he will go to the school or not and he said no, because today is hari merah. I just laughed so hard, because he’s so funny. I explained to him that there was no hari merah, but tanggal merah. So, what’s the difference between these two wods?

Tanggal merah is used for colloquial, for writing or formal language, we’re using hari libur

Indonesian uses tanggal merah because if you see the calendar, except Saturday or Sunday, only number is printed by the red colour. So, we call it tanggal merah | red date,  instead of hari merah | red day.

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