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What is Blusukan?

Did you recently read some news about Indonesia’s recent president? Did you find blusukan in one of those articles? Are you curious about what blusukan stands for?

Blusukan is a Javanese noun that consists of blusuk (the root word) and suffix (-an). Blusuk has several meanings. It refers sink in, slip in or falling into a hole or bushes  accidentally. The word implies that a condition happened accidentally without prior consent.

When we add suffix -an behind the word, it’ll have another meaning, that is different with its root word. It means wandering by finding something that you feel so curious about; visiting a place without any direction because you want to know that place closer; wandering about squeezing into. So is there any English word that has exact meaning with blusukan? The Jakarta Post uses impromptu visit and Eddy Roesdiono uses hands-on operation. So which one is the closest one?

The word blusukan is now a new family member of Indonesian vocabulary, and maybe English in the future. 🙂

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